When Christen suggested that we shoot their session at Oliver Winery, I was thinking a little drink is always good before a shoot to loosen up, but I guess I forgot just how beautiful the Oliver grounds are!  What a perfect place for a shoot.  But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself!

Hayes e-100

Hayes e-108

Seriously! with material like this, the camera pretty much just works itself!

Hayes e-109

Jen was tearing this shoot apart!!!  The next three are her’s!

Hayes e-110

Hayes e-115

Hayes e-117

Hayes e-119

Hayes e-121

Hayes e-123

Hayes e-126

Jen again! blowing things up!!!

Hayes e-129

Hayes e-131

Hayes e-138

Hayes e-140

Hayes e-141

Hayes e-144

Hayes e-146

Hayes e-147

Hayes e-150

Christen and Chris – Thank you two so much for meeting us @ Oliver!  We had a really good time talking/shooting/sharing a bottle!  Hope you had a good time in bloomington.  We look forward to the Wedding!!!

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